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My Sleeping Buddy

My Sleeping Buddy

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Need a Hug? Our Soft Weighted Buddies are here to snuggle!

Due to high demand we are almost sold out. We do encourage everyone to order before the SALE Ends to ensure your weighted pal to a new home on time.

Do you need a good night of sleep and relaxation? Or just a cuddle buddy? Our Plushies are the perfect solution! 

MySleepingBuddy is rated the  #1 Weighted Plush website of 2022. We promise you'll be drifting off to a deep sleep in an instant.

All of our Plushies work just like a weighted blanket, applying reassuring and comforting weight just like a comforting hug.

Make any day better with YOUR weighted plushie!

Reduce Stress and Increase Serotonin

Applying comforting weight has been proven to reduce stress, increase focus, and increase serotonin!

Fall Asleep Faster 

Nothing beats falling asleep with a hug from our weighted plushies! You'll fall asleep faster than ever before. Your Sleeping Buddy will most definitely be your favorite cuddle buddy... aside from your s/o..

The Perfect Gift for Someone You Love

Our Weighted Plushies are the perfect gift for a family member or friend. We promise they'll never forget it!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 131 reviews
Michaella Killion

I love my sleeping buddy soo soft and cuddly just perfect

Scarlett Hammell
so slay

i got the dino for my best friends birthday and we love our son

Two Sleeping Buddies

Although it took quite a bit of time to arrive and I already assumed this was a scam, I am very happy with my two sleeping buddies that arrived this morning. They are soft but not as squishy as say a squishmallow. The only drawback is that I expected they would be heavier and filled with weighted beads; however it still is super cute and I recommend either way.

Sara Hardesty
this may be the best thing I’ve ever written & my absolute favorite stuffed animal

this is like 3 reviews in 1 & it was an accident. it started with a cute picture of my sleeping buddy, but my hoodie & the blanket were in the photo & I couldn’t leave them out & I couldn’t just post parts on here. 😅

i do not care how old i am, or if i am like, a full blown adult, adult. this is hands down, the greatest stuffed animal ever. like, this thing is the bee’s knees (but bees don’t have knees, do they? 😅👀). i am a textile person, i am basically obsessed with soft materials (like, if i see something that just looked like it would feel soft, without a doubt, i am going to touch because i have to know if it’s as soft as it looks 😅), & this thing is like velvet, but not. it’s the same texture as my (by the way, i don’t understand how like, everyone in the world doesn’t have one of these blankets. i can’t even. 💀seriously, just, ya’ll need this, every body needs this in their life. my 4 year old CRIED because i didn’t buy her one of her own. everybody) but somehow it’s frickin’ softer (but seriously, do yourself a solid & buy the blanket #noragrets ). it gets better, it’s slightly weighted & made to be held, so you have options for resting your arms. it also helps with anxiety, you know, like a weighted blanket, only this more so mimics a cat sleeping on your chest (it’s also a dinosaur which basically made it cool by default). I have deemed thee, snuggleasauras (admit it, that’s frickin’ cute 🙃). also, this is one of the softest hoodies i have ever encountered, solid ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 20/10 (& I own a lot of hoodies 👀). I would say that i can’t wait for cooler weather so it’s hoodie time all day, but outside of work, hoodie time is all day every day (the best time to wear a striped sweater, is all the time. one with a collared, turtle neeeeeck - okay, it’s not striped or a turtle neck but you get my point!) so, i mean, you should probably go treat yourself to a new hoodie you’ll never wash because you can’t take it off (i’m kidding, or am i? but it’s really that soft 😅) after you snatch yourself up the only blanket you’ll ever need or want (seriously, you’ll never even look at a different blanket). ya’ll know they mean business when they slap a warning label on something - this one says you can get lost in this blanket (it’s actually possible. you can very easily lose yourself, your leg, your partners leg, or arm, whole body, pants, you can even lose the kid & the cats). while you’re at it, you should go ahead and grab yourself a snuggleasauras or maybe a sloth? a triceratop?

p.s: this was supposed to be a funny post about being all adulty & stuffed animals, i don’t know how ☝️this☝️happened. 😅




I absolutely love him! I bought him to help with my anxiety and he is the perfect weight and soft as can be.